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gkellum wrote:

Hm.  That’s a tough one.  I can’t recall a case where Bluetooth, USB, and MIDI all stopped working.  Do the physical switches on the H9 all work?  Is it still processing audio normally?  There are two boards in the H9 connected by a cable.  I’m asking myself if something is wrong with the connection between the boards…

Yes, everything works when I operate the pedal via the onboard switches and no problems in audio. Even switching via midi works fine, only the Control app is “dead”.

gkellum wrote:

You haven’t changed the way that the Core is powered have you?  Underpowering things can lead to really strange problems.

I’ve used the same power block (a Truetone CS7) which gives 9VDC (500mA), which should be enough in my understanding. And the other H9 works just fine with the setup.


gkellum wrote:

Just a quick note on your resetting problem — pressing the right footswitch with the big black wheel pressed resets all the system settings and all the presets.  Pressing the right footswtich and the HotKnob switch (the switch in the upper left hand corner of the H9) just resets the system settings but shouldn’t affect your presets.  I’m guessing you did the first thing and not the second thing?


Yup, it seems that I misread the manual – no harm done, this was a great opportunity to learn the onboard controls on the pedal 🙂


gkellum wrote:

Unfortunately, it might have to come in for repair, in which case you’d want to get in touch with support@eventide.com.

Yes, I’ll have to contact support. Thanks for your answer, the pedals are great and this is the first problem I’ve had with them in these two years I’ve owned them. I’m sure it’ll get sorted out!