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Just for fun: here is the argument for leaving it as is:

I tap in a tempo around 120bpm, to match a song I am playing live….while I am playing a line with a cute delay.

I don’t get it perfect….or my drummer starts rushing…so 2900ms (over a measure) after my last tap..I start tapping again, now at 122bpm. Only for ONE MOMENT the H9 thinks I want a delay at 21bpm…slows down my delay to there…..then back up to 122. The crowd goes- wtf? Ha ha who am I kidding they can’t hear it.

I ~wanted~ a nice transition from 120-122bpm (a common scenario)…. But it got all weird just to allow tapping a tempo of 20bpm (an uncommon scenario)

Just a thought. Possible rationale behind only allowing typical performance values in this case.

Not that I am hatin’. If I just had to wait two measures before re-tapping…I would just adjust accordingly.