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Forgive me, but it’s unclear whether “Sculpt” and “Wah” are interrelated here.  Sculpt’s filter sweeps are triggered from your playing technique (envelope control).  There are probably better ways [CrushStation; Q-Wah; … even Resonator] to control wah-like filter sweeps from an expression pedal.

I’m also curious (before making any recommendations) about whether you’re using an H9 Core or Max, or what algos you have at your disposal.  That out of the way …

1).  No experience with Morley’s EXP PED, but good product line.  Contact Morley to see whether that pedal falls in a 10K-25K impedance range.  I can’t find that info anywhere (including the manual), and that’s what the H9 like to “see” at its expression input.  It probably does, but to be on the safe side.  Otherwise, it looks like a good match.  Not sure if it can “park” between heel & toe positions.

2).  I can help you with some starting points on Sculpt … depending on what you’re specifically looking for.  Distorted violin; compression; filter effects?  I’m sure that I have other Sculpt examples posted around the forum, but this might be interesting on violin.  Spectral Panning.  It’s an often overlooked feature of Sculpt, and it should ‘sum to mono’ almost as well as it works in a stereo setup: