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Wait, my first post on this forum got a reply from… Brock? Like… Zach Brock? Awesome!


I’m using H9 Max. I went for the widest range of possibilities from the start. So all algos are at my disposal.

1) Thanks for the advice, I’ll contact Morley right away.

2) I asked two separate questions in the same post but your’re right: Sculpt and Wah might be interrelated.

One of the things I’m trying to achieve in the present case would be some kind of distorted Steve Vai-ish sound. The expression pedal would be used as I used the Bad Horsie 2 Wah pedal, but with more control over the course from heel to toe, since the Bad Horsie did some dramatically changes in the output volume.

On the other hand, I’m openminded and ready to start searching for something totally different, so thanks for the link. I’ve yet so much to learn, I never thought I could use the algorythm that way.