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Great! Thats easy as pie.


Now.. there might be an EASIER way on the Mission PCB.. if you want to pop the bottom of that thing and show us whats inside it might be easier.




1) pull the switch AND disconnect the POT from the PCB of the mission- put them away for storage.

2) Buy these two things:

a) A Normally OPEN momentary switch. This one will do. https://lovemyswitches.com/spst-momentary-foot-switch-normally-open-soft-touch/.. but if you want a tactile CLICK.. then maybe this one: https://lovemyswitches.com/spst-momentary-foot-switch-normally-open-vampire-fangs/

b) A stereo (TRS) Jack- this one will do: https://lovemyswitches.com/1-4-stereo-jack-neutrik-rean-nys230/ You can do this with two mono jacks and an INSERT CABLE if you have them. But I would go TRS.

Then just wire the POT from the pedal to ….TIP and sleeve.. and the switch to RING and sleeve. (right guys?)


Again- you MIGHT be able to use the PCB from the mission.. and just wire the switch to the appropriate spots on the board.. but I am not sure without seeing it. The above way will DEFINATELY work, no matter what design the mission used.


Send Pics!