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I have found that chords tracking of the H9 (with PitchFuzz and H910/H949 algorythms) is better with my Fender Telecaster (vintage reissue single coils pickups) rather than with my Gibson LesPaul (P90 pickups). Changing the source instrument type also results in better chords tracking (less “warbling” effect) when I use the Les Paul: I have found that Bass or Synth Bass instrument type setting is better than Guitar, that produces more “warbling” effect. The pitch settings that I use the most are: -1 octave, +1octave and +P5, all three simultaneously but more often only one pitched signal of the three mixed with dry sound; anyway I have found that chords tracking is “worse” with the high above octave, especially with minor chords (for example E minor in first position) Notice: I mean “worse” in a relative way because the warbling effect, that is more audible in this case, could like or not depending on the sound you are looking for; with fifth above the chords are better tracked compared to the +1 octave setting, even when playing minor chords, but still not perfect in my opinion. Anyway, I have found several settings to obtain the sound I want (I often play chords and arpeggios with pitch shifter and need less “warbling” effect) placing a little bit of chorus and some reverb after the pitch shifter and working with H9 algos. I have attached an image of a preset that works well for me as a starting point and maybe could be useful to someone else.

P.S. In stereo configuration a cool feature could be the possibility of panning the pitch-shifted voices right and left like in the Rocktron Intellipitch.