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This is a kind of repeated wish of mine, but please give us (me… ahem!) more lower octave pitch sequences in Harpeggiator. Now I needed to use another octave pedal before it to make it sound not ear piercingly high pitched when I chose most of the premade sequences.

And that effectively costs me an additional ~$100. I would prefer donating that amount to Eventide for a one less pedal in my case if that would create a very very tiny excitement there  : ) If they had decided to crowd-fund some new algorithms of add things to available ones, I’d certainly back them up. Well if none of these works.. I even wonder is there a way to bribe : P Eventide to encourage them to make some “custom” or “signature” or “artist” version of available algos : P

Well… maybe I should buy a Vsig friendly device and hire an external developer for tailored things; only if they weren’t so big.