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I can’t help with actual presets at the moment, but I can point you in the general direction.  I’d start with the QuadraVox, UltraTap, or Resonator algorithms, over the MultiTap one.  You’re really not going to get the ‘wow & flutter’ or tone, like you would in the Tape Echo algo (which would work, for one or two [ ECHO ] patterns).

DELAY D or LENGTH would be at a 3 second maximum [ REPEAT RATE ].  There’s no [ INTENSITY ] in QuadraVox, but you can ‘simulate’ that in UltraTap (with ‘extra’ TAPS and TAPER), or use FEEDBACK (FB:1) in Resonator.  For the RE-201 EQ, UltraTap has TONE, and Resonator features HP & LP filters in NOTE 1,2,3,4 (RESONANCE at 0).  Both can somewhat emulate the spring-ish reverb positions (SLURM or REVERB, respectively),

[ TWIST ] on the digital reissue could be mapped by expression pedal settings.  And now, on to the important part: The 12-position [ MODE SELECTOR ] switch, plus 3-head configurations.  You’ll want to limit to the 3 heads / TAPS, in various on-off combinations, with or without reverb, up to 3 seconds long (for the 3rd head).

Here’s an earlier thread that may help, but with a focus on four taps to the delay line.