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joshofsorts wrote:
@brock You share so many great presets on here, would you consider uploading them to the Preset Share site, or would you be o.k. with others sharing your presets on there but giving you full credit? I have been digging through these forums for preset ideas and realize most of them have not made it to the Preset Share site (not just yours)…

Hey, Josh.  Thanks.  I put them all out there as ‘public domain’, so I don’t mind consolidating to the preset sharing concept.  It does kind of irk me when I see those same presets online renamed, with maybe a random tweak from 90 to 89.  But what can you do?

The ‘history’ of my preset sharing went something like this:

  1. Text Parameter List
  2. Faked Photoshop Stompbox
  3. Old Updater Lo-Res Screenshot
  4. H9 Control App Screenshots (the all-stompbox update)
  5. Preset Lists / Old DropBox Preset format
  6. Eventide Site Preset Share Feature
  7. [Current Studio Relocation & Makeover / Android Support]

At #4.), I thought the best option was H9 Control Screenshots, plus expression pedal / HotSwitch settings.  It allowed for preset variables and (not so brief) explanations.  The Preset Lists usually covered a specific purpose, or type of effect.

No real excuse for not using #6.), between #5.) and #7).  That is, until #7). took over my life … There’s just not enough time left over (yet).  I was in the process of trying to compile ‘intelligent’ Preset Lists from my own archives.  I do want my own backup to whatever online entity that I upload to.  That original obsolete DropBox format scared me off a bit.