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smj wrote:
Had a situation recently where I really needed the H9 to auto load presets for a show I had…. no confirmation. The whole confirmation thing is odd… I can’t think of any other pedal I’ve had that operates like that. Fortunately, after reading this thread, I learned o could use a fsx3 pedal which I already had… gathering dust. So I programmed the aux switch to behave the way I want it to… auto load presets up and down. Still, why is there no ability to program the buttons on the actual unit to behave the way you want? The thread is 3 years old… and once again, Eventide seems to view constructive feedback as user rhetoric. All I hear is crickets. I guess they’re too busy designing distortion algorhythms I would never use… Sean Meredith-Jones http://www.seanmeredithjones.com


My understanding is that they could do it, but it would change up some other things, and they are afraid the blowback from a significant percentage of owners would outweight the goodwill from those who would like the change. I really think not having the option is an achilles heel of the pedal, but I’ll take the bad with the good.