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kdills wrote:

I am looking to do exactly what Stringrazor describes but I am not as savvy as he is…. I literally bought an H9 today because my band is losing a guitarist and we’re going as a 4 piece. That means I want to generate harmonies on Hotel California and also on Reeling in the Years. 

Both songs require the pitchshifter to change pitch on certain notes. I am at a loss for how to make that happen and the manual doesn’t do a good job of helping me understand how to do it.

Any thoughts from the crowd?

I don’t have an H9 so I can only offer general guidelines. Since neither the H9 nor PF have user-definable harmony capability, your first challenge is to find a scale and key setting that works for MOST of the run you want to harmonize. If like me, you’re not a theory expert, the only recourse is trial and error. It may be best to record your run and play it back into the H9 while you search for a good setting. Most likely, some notes will be harmonized “wrong” for the run. for those notes, you have to find alternate settings. Finding settings that work for all of the notes in the run is half the battle. 

Next you need to see if the H9 can quickly switch between the setting you have chosen using an external controller, either a MIDI message or a pedal switch like I was using on the PF. Once you know what you want to switch between, I’m sure folks here can tell you how to do it on an H9.  Good luck!

FYI, I’ve moved on from the PF, though I still have it. I’m now using a Fractal Axe/FX II which has the capability to hold 32 user definable harmonies which can be switched instantly via MIDI or a pedal switch. It”s absolutely the best guitar device I’ve ever used!