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OK.  I think I understand your description.  So I make two preset lists, one for each pedal, and the presets that are to be used together must have the same preset number and those presets must be loaded into the pedals.

Then, when I select one of the presets on the first (master?) pedal, it sends a MIDI command to the other pedal to load the same preset number.


The idea I had in my mind was that it would all be done directly from the H9 Control App.  No need to have the presets stored in the pedals and no limitation on how many “Multi-Presets” a user can create and save in the app.

Maybe it is harder than I am assuming.  I realize that the multi-preset would have to define which preset goes to which H9 pedal.  I have mine named “Pre” and “Post” obviously for before the amp and in the effects loop respectively.

It just seems like it could be a neat feature but I understand that it may not be useful to very many H9 owners, may not be easy to implement, and maybe there are many more important things to work on.

It is just an idea I thought I would share and it won’t hurt my feelings if the developers decide not to use it.

Very happy with my H9 pedals in any case!