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Given To Fly
gkellum wrote:

lordradish wrote:

Does that mean that we’ll still get another algo or two, eventually?

If any of us say yes to that, something terrible will happen.  One of our colleagues will get hit by a bus or something.  I think there’s a higher power at work determined to make liars out of us everytime we make any sort of public commitment on our forums.

I do not visit pedal forums, but guitar forums have threads about pedals. One thing I’ve noticed is everybody is fairly reasonable when it comes to their expectations of any given pedal…except the H9. The expectations for the H9 are so much higher than anything else on the marker. It is a little weird. I feel the H9 was meant as a utilitarian pedal so that it could be a phaser when you needed a phaser or a delay when you needed a delay but not a phaser. Today, it is a “solve all your problems pedal” and it is the only one. But if it could just solve a few more problems like the brand_X does….

I do not blame you for making commitments to people you do not know and who most likely won’t buy what they ask for in the first place. With that said, the H9 would probably be a good product to keep around. 😉 I know you know that but I like to play “armchair CEO” every now and then. 😉