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I dont know if it helps.. but I use this preset for the arpeggios in “Uprising” by Muse. You could use it for any 4 notes, really.. but I use it for an arpeggio that is MINOR with my exp peda at Heel.. and MAJOR at toe. Its from PitchFuzz.. not PF, so you need an H9 for it. BUT- it follows whatever key I play the root of. MINOR at heel, Major at toe. If you were really clever you could hot switch to a DIM/AUG… but that sounds hard

I play it live with no issues. 

I do have to have pretty precise timing.. and flip the EXP about an 8th note early.. but it is no problem if I haven’t been drinking too much 🙂 

In case you cant see it… Pitch B is assigned to the EXP. 

Of course you could use the hotswitch for this as well.. My EXP is just more accessible.