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Well i struggled with this today wiithout the benefit of Firewire and LET ME TELL YOU i had a bad day!

Bottom line, FORGET about trying to use this machine with ADAT at 96k. Just forget it. Seriously….dont! If you taek that out of the equation, it becomes manageable. 

Just set ADAT 1-4 to Processor A input, and ADAT 5-8 to precessor B input, set ADAT output to main outs. Send your mixer Adat feed for A to ADAT 1 and 2, and the Adat feed for B to ADAT 5 and 6.

Processor A will ouput on ADAT output channels 1 and 2, and BN will outpout channles 5 and 6, so those a rethe channle you are lookig for coming back in to your mixer (or whatever).

And once you get it working, dont think you are an expert adn will be able to do 96k. Just DONT!

I dont think a user interface gets any worse than the front panel of this machine. But BOY it sounds good,.