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Disappointing news then I guess. Funnily enough I have just been trying to do exactly the same thing today. in order to use some gear that is specifically recommended to use at 96kHz to get the best from it, and thought I would set up the studio as such just to see how it goes. Normally I have the H8000FW set up for 48kHz via ADAT and that works well so I figured since the H8000FW supports 96kHz, but it doesnt seems work with ADAT, or else we are all doing it wrong.

So I configured the sample rate settings on my SC scope card to 96kHz, and set it to S-Mux which allows for 4 channels at 96kHz. H8000FW did sync to the external clock, but then when I tried to route a stereo source to ADAT on H8000FW, it shows that there is a signal on channels 1 and 5, so I know the signal is getting into the H8000FW but obviously the routing on H8000FW is not set correctly. I tried changing the adat routing but then got into all sorts of complications and cannot seem to figure out the correct routing now. I tried using the Eventide Routing Utility but that now keeps crashing half way through probably due to some incorrect routing internally.

So I just wanted to ask if any user here, or Eventide support, what would be the most simple routing just to get 1 stereo I/O at 96kHz. Lets say just routing to  processor A, and then out to ADAT.

I saw this and another thread when trying to get this working but it looks like this has not worked for anyone who has tried, so I would appreciate some help to find a working solution, or just how to connect the routing correctly. So on the Routing Utility from ADAT  In to Main In, then from there to DSP A, then DSP A to Main Out and finally from Main Out to ADAT Out


Thanks for any help with this