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The ADAT MUX protocol is that is uses two ADAT channels IN A ROW for each audio channel, so on devices that work properly, you simply set up the i/o to odd numbered channels. (ie 1,3,5,7). The fact that we are seeing simultaneous input signal on channels 1 and 5 makes me wonder if this is the root of our problem. It is not related to your routing settings on the H8000…its just the way the h8000 is responding to the split signal (the wrong way.)

If things worked the way they should, you would merely assign ADAT 1 and 3 as inputs to Processor A, and 5 and 7 to processor b, and ditto with the outputs. This is how it works on every other device that supports 96k ADAT. I am looking at the Hosa Technology CDL-313 – Bi-Directional Coaxial S/PDIF to XLR AES/EBU box. I have two spdif digital i/o pairs on my mixer…this set up might work so I can have my whole studio at 96k. I wonder if the H8000 will work with the AES i/o at 96k….anyone using it?

Unfortunately the H8000 is pretty much dead in terms of support so Im pretty sure we will never see an update that will make it work with ADAT at 96k