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Hey rudejude,

Did you ever figure this out?  I’m having the exact same problem.


rudejude wrote:

Hello everyone!

I have an amazing eventide H3000 B (with D and S/E expansions) and I have a problem with the output level. Basically, when the machine is in bypass mode (or off), everything is fine. When I switch the bypass function, I have almost no sound, even if I turn all the knobs of my soundcard and speakers to the max, i barely hear the track and it has no FX from the eventide on it. I tried several preset of the eventide, same result each time. 


About the eventide input meter, when it’s in bypass, I only see the right one moving to a decent level (touching the orange led), nothing on the left one. Once I switch the bypass off, nothing on both meters. I tried to change the input and output levels using the “Levels” button, doesn’t change a thing… 


My guess is, something is wrong with the cable I used to plug the in and out of the eventide into my patchbay. If anyone has an idea or could show me exactly wich cable to use? 


Thank you all for your help!