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gkellum wrote:

camn wrote:

Also- are you SURE that your tails spillover when you switch from one preset to the next using the button on the H9… ?

I’m not totally sure that exists. 

When bypassed, yes. When a new preset is loaded? I’m not sure.

That’s a good catch camn. I overlooked that when I first read this post.  The H9 doesn’t have spillover when switching from one preset to another preset.

It does spill over. I tried it multiple times. Hit a note with the delay on and then change to the next preset using the Hotknob dial on H9, the delay repeats continue. Do the same with an external MIDI controller, delays are cut off. I am using DPC-5, but I think this is not related with which MIDI controller is being used. It is a behaviour of H9. Spill over works with the Hotknob dial but not with MIDI.