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I was able to get the H8000FW to work in 96kHz via ADAT using the image posted by nickrose. I was also able to vary the internal connections, routing DSP A 1-4 to DSP B 1-4 and then route DSP B 1-4 to Main Out 1-4. So thanks for that Nick. I am using Sonic-Core Scope 7 on some older Scope PCI cards, and used the Scope S-MUX modules to route I/O 1 & 2 to the H8000FW and back again, as a Send Return FX routing. The samplerate clock is slaved to Scope as the master clock, via ADAT and I can also switch to Wordclock. So yes 96kHz does work here via ADAT with the correct routing setup, and with the obvious limitations such as only dual stereo I/O, and increased use of resources. I think 48kHz is more suited to my general needs, but its useful to know that 96kHz does work with the correct routings amd it will be worth looking into using 96kHz in some projects. Paddyryan, hope this info helps.