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Understand not wanting to over promise. H9000 looks amazing, hopefully one day. Definitely excited about a possible algorithms! Makes the H9 much easier to recommend.

I’d be happy with anything new (really), but these would be very welcomed:

– A live input granular processor a la iPad’s Borderlands.

– A new experimental reverb.

– More aged tape warmth/emulation and warble.

– Filterbank!

– Boards of Canada-style woozy modulation/distortion

You can probably see my inclinations clearly there. 😉

And have to mention, ability to map X, Y, Z parameters to external MIDI CC control would absolutely open these pedals up! Would love to build focused patches/presets that I can control from a separate tabletop controller without having to map all 10 or 11 parameters for each pedal. That would be enough for me to buy a 3rd or 4th unit I reckon, and many more tabletop users would get interested. 🙂