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 I have met this problem today trying to update Modfactor firmware from v5.2.5 to the last  beta version v5.2.6 via USB from the H9 Control soft running on Win10. However I was able to update SPACE and Timefactor just few minutes before with the same configuration.

When updating the Modfactor displayed a “Bad !!!!” message at average 5% of the writing procedure, then it stop and won’t start again. It started only in Update mode. And the Initialize procedure didn’t work.Then I tried to update  via “Eventide Direct Updater” software and  I had the same things. .   Then I tried to update via MIDI with both “H9 Control” and “Eventide Direct Updater” but these 2 soft was no able to connect successfully to my Midi interfaces.  Then I realized that Ableton Live was running in the same time on my computer, so I stopped it and retry to update  Modfactor directly from the  “Eventide Direct Updater”  soft  via USB and it worked fine.