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Enron wrote:
I’ll have to take some pictures of my setup. I used my two H9’s for reverbs. Since I beleive reverb is the biggest DPS hog, using two reverbs together is the best way to get the most of of the H9’s processesing power. I highly enjoy using Shimmer and Blackhole together.

I’d be interested in seeing those.  I’ve used reverbs in parallel before, but I don’t recall ever running them in series.  Maybe a room ambience, followed by a larger reverb, with some pre-delay.

I suspect you’re not using them to lengthen the tails (BlackHole mentioned)?  It must be more about combining the textures.  Would that involve more subtle wet/dry mixes?  Combining two sets of – relatively tame – sizes and decay times, to form a Gestalt whole?  Separated EQ carving in each ‘verb, to span the frequency range?  I must try this.  My first thoughts involve creating contrasts:  bright/dark; large/small; forward/inverse, …