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PaoloSMN wrote:
… 1 from the manual it looks like the h910/h949 algorithm does not have modulation but on various preset lists of the same algorithm I have seen choruses and phasers. can you help me solve this mistery? …

I’m not sure about those preset list references, but it’s possible to get “chorus-like” and “phaser-like” (flanger-like) effects.  Slightly detuned voices create a ‘beating’ effect with a somewhat similar result, using a different method from slightly offset delay times.

PaoloSMN wrote:
… 2 always about the h910/h949: if I haven’t got it wrong, the only difference with the micropitch algorithm is an “eq” control, am I right? …

Actually, there’s true modulation rate & depth there, as well.  This link might help to explain the differences: