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PaoloSMN wrote:

1 from the manual it looks like the h910/h949 algorithm does not have modulation but on various preset lists of the same algorithm I have seen choruses and phasers. can you help me solve this mistery?

2 always about the h910/h949: if I haven't got it wrong, the only difference with the micropitch algorithm is an "eq" control, am I right?

H910/H949 shifts and delays the pitches, and the pitch module is in the feedback loop so the delays are shifted again and again if feedback goes on. If you set the pitch to some value close to 1.000 (frequency multiplication factor) and set the delay time to really small number (like 20 ms), you will get subtly detuned sound with small delay. With your original dry sound, what will you get? – CHORUS effect.

H910/H949 can shift the note from 2 oct down (freq * 0.250) to 1 oct up (freq * 2.0), while MicroPitch only shifts the sound from -50c to 50c, and it has a modulation module. In a word, it's Micro Pitch focused.