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Eventide Staff
Duncan21 wrote:

Assign chorus on H9 to Bank 2 Preset 1. Press Presets 2 ,3 ,4, then 5, no H9 comes on, which is fine as nothing has been programmed on those presets yet. BUT, press Preset 1, and then change directly to Preset 5, the Chorus stays on.

What MIDI message have you assigned to Bank 2 Preset 1 on your pedal controller? My guess is you only assigned MIDI message to Preset 1 but no messages for other presets. So when you switch to other presets your controller won't send any MIDI message so your H9 stays on at the Chorus effect. Try set a Program Change number for other preset (for instance, PC 127), and set the function of PC 127 to "Bypass the pedal" in H9 Control or on your H9 unit.