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Thank you for the quick reply.  Sorry I wasn’t clear, I bought a new Eventide H9 Max and I’m trying to use it controlled by a Boss ES-5.

I’m sure it’s all very easy once one has sufficient knowledge. I just seem to be missing pieces of it and so I’m getting nowhere.  

The ES-5 doesn’t seem to give any options for MIDI control PCs other than 1-127 numerical.  All my H9 patches have the various letters for various types.  So this alone is one of my obstacles to understanding.  

I saw on a video that there is a way to change the patches to numerical.  But that was on a desktop version of the app.  I’ve only been able to get a bluetooth connection with my iPhone, not my mac desktop nor my macbook pro.  So I can’t seem to use the full functionality of the desktop version.  

I keep striking out.  Can’t find any videos that deal with my issues in sufficient detail.  

What I’d love to have is some real step by step help here if you can offer that?

For example:

You say I can “assign (my) presets to particular preset list positions, and then you can use the MIDI program change receive map for this.”  I know I can set up different lists and have done so.  However, as before, they have letters in them.  Can you give me a step by step how to assign, for example a user present from my list on my phone to the MIDI map? Say #1 or 001 on the map?  That would be so helpful.  

You go on to say, “But you don’t really need to use the MIDI program change receive map for this.  You can manage different preset lists in the control app and just move your presets around in different lists instead of chaning the mapping of MIDI messages.”  

Am I to take that to mean that I can still select those patches with presets on my Boss ES-5 for live performance without the MIDI program change receive receive mapping?  If so, can you give me a step by step example how that would work?  

Help here in detail would be most appreciated.  

Thank you.