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JaiRamana wrote:

You say I can "assign (my) presets to particular preset list positions, and then you can use the MIDI program change receive map for this."  I know I can set up different lists and have done so.  However, as before, they have letters in them. Can you give me a step by step how to assign, for example, a user present from my list on my phone to the MIDI map? Say #1 or 001 on the map? That would be so helpful.  

You go on to say, "But you don't really need to use the MIDI program change receive map for this. You can manage different preset lists in the control app and just move your presets around in different lists instead of changing the mapping of MIDI messages."  

Am I to take that to mean that I can still select those patches with presets on my Boss ES-5 for live performance without the MIDI program change receive mapping?  If so, can you give me a step by step example how that would work?

It seems that you're very confused about MIDI, and the hierarchy of presets and preset lists. 

First, I'm gonna talk about presets and preset lists. In H9 Control, there is a "Presets" screen and a "Preset Lists" screen. Under "Presets", you can see and edit all Factory  and User presets. But remember, all these presets are local on your phone (or pad/PC/Mac). Under "Lists", you may see and edit all your local User lists and the preset list on your H9. There are 99 presets stored in the H9. This is the list that you want to edit and assign to MIDI control. There are two ways to edit your H9's list.

  1. In "Presets" screen, open your user preset, and click the "Save" button from the top toolbar. Then you can choose where to save this preset. Click your H9 (by default, H9-***** your H9's serial number), and select the preset index where you want the preset to be saved. See attachments 1 & 2.
  2. Or you can do this in the "Lists" screen: Click your H9's icon on the left to go to its list; click the preset that you want to change; choose the user preset you edited that you want to add to the unit's list, click save. See attachments 3 & 4.

Now you should be able to edit the list on your H9. Now let's talk about MIDI. For guitarists and pedal users, normally there are just two types of MIDI messages that need to be considered: CC messages and PC messages. In your case, you just want to switch presets using your pedal controller. So you just need to take care of MIDI PC messages. H9 and H9 Control are super flexible and easy to use in term of MIDI mapping. If you click the "Pedal" screen in H9 Control, and go to "MIDI Settings", then "Program Change receive map", you will see the preset list on your H9 is already mapped to certain PC messages by default (see attachment 5). Now what you need to do is simply assigning those MIDI PC messages to your preset in your Boss ES-5. For example, if you want a preset on your ES-5 to load the preset 1 in H9, you need to assign MIDI PC 0 to that preset on your ES-5. However, if you have more questions about setting up ES-5, I would be willing to spend some time helping you out, but I don't own an ES-5 so BOSS people may have better answers for you.