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Getting back to this on my break from gigs – the unit works still fine when using from the pedal itself, however no resetting (system settings OR both system settings and presets) helps.

I’ve tried to connect with 3 iPads, 3 iPhones, 2 Macbook pros (usb, bluetooth, even midi) – on the iOS app I get the aforementioned error and on Mac the H9 control app freezes and the H9 sometimes turns off, sometimes leaves only the first letter of the current preset on screen.

Should I send the pedal to you for closer inspection? I even looked inside the pedal and everything seems to be attached properly…


nickrose wrote:

Before you send it in, try and “Restore Factory System Settings” as described in the UM. You refer to this, but do not state that you’ve succeeded in doing it.

My guess is that one of the settings is wrong, rather than any problem with the unit. A successful “Restore” will fix this.