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As to the question about what is happening with bluetooth on the desktop apps with my Mac desktop and the lap top, I select the H9’s signal from the bluetooth devices listed.  (Note, I have to restart the H9 to get the H9 to show up in the list.  I have not chaned the bluetooth name, so it is my serial code (19187 if I recall).  

I get the message “connecting” but then nothing happens, pin wheel just keeps spinning.  No dialog box for the Pin to be input comes up.  Eventually it times out and gives an error message.  

At first I thought it was that I was using my old mac desktop.  So I tried on my wife’s new macbook pro.  Same result. I turned off my phone thinking that since I paired to it first, that may be the issue (and it may still be?) but I still had the same result, no pin dialog box ever comes up and it eventually errors out.  

As to the post regarding MIDI receive mapping, I’ve used MIDI before, but the letters in the presets threw me off.  And frankly they still do.

I tried to do some things on the control app to verify the help response, but I had to use demo mode because I wasn’t with my H9 physically, so naturally the MIDI change receive map was not populating with the actual patch names, so I will try again once I get home with the actual unit.

Thanks for the help.  To be continued…