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Eventide Staff
Marana wrote:

I'm having problems getting the plugin to show/load in Cubase 7. (Win7 SP1)

I have the license activated on an iLok dongle (offline computer) and the plugin installed, but when I open cubase, I get a quick error message on bottom right of the screen saying;"Newfangled EQuivocate.vst3 Can't load protection component, OS error 0x7e."

After Cubase loads, EQuivocate is not in the plugins list.

So, how can that be fixed?

Hi Marana,

Have you installed the latest version of the iLok license manager?  It can be found here http://www.ilok.com 

If that doesn't fix your problem, can you contact support@eventide.com with your iLok account name and I'll take a look at your account?

Thank You,