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Please note, my phone was not connected via bluetooth when I made the attempts.  To clarify, I was only concerned that my phone being in the vacinity at all was causing an error so I turned it off to remove all doubt, but I was not on the app on my phone and had closed it out entirely even attempting to get on the desktop versions.  And for the record, I did try to pair through the app, not on the computer’s bluetooth.  I did the attempts in-app.  After it failed a couple times I tried doing the computer route also, but still was not able to pair with the desk top or laptop.  

As to getting the MIDI program change map working for me with my own presets we have success, thank you!  I am now able to switch patches from the ES-5, once I’ve set them up and saved them to the H9 (SN is 29187, not 19 btw), and selected where they fall in the map (PC#).  

I want to compliment you all on making it easy to select wet/dtry 1, 2 or stereo for each patch as well.  This is brilliant and easy to use. I am running a 2 amp set up and it’s so nice to be able to easily choose how I want the patch to be, wet/dry or stereo, and since most the patches have a way to mix the wet and dry it really gives us great choices in the sounds we’re getting for different situations.  Totally jazzed about that!

Now I just need a core unit (or two) to compliment the Max and I’ll be set!

Question on that….I can run any Max algorithm on a core unit, I understand, but the Max has to be present, correct?  Or can I actually save patches to the core units I buy?


Thanks again.