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bohan wrote:

Of course. Most algorithms in H9 are real stereo effects. I’m not clear about your setup. Are you using 1 amp or 2? How do you monitor the two outputs? Please also try to adjust the DELAY MIX parameter for delay algorithms. You should be able to tell the two voices if you have a proper setup.

I have an amp with stereo loop as i stated. I can put a pedal into input 1 of my loop and another pedal into input 2 and there will be two different sounds from two outputs. But H9  sounds similar in both channels no matter what time of delay i set in delays A and B. I set A B delay mix on 12 and differen delay times but the sound both in two outputs. I also set routing to NORMAL in pedal settings. Maybe I should set something else in pedal settings? Or maybe i choose wrong algorithms?