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I would really like to see a



Granular delay

I think it is an obvious deficiency in the H9. Seen it pop up on forums once in a while and still hoping. It could be in one effect or it could be three different effects. From a selling pov it does make sense, I believe, as especially bitcrushers have become fairly popular in stomp format (and some pretty good ones out there), stutters are found but perhaps even more often in vst, but it is very useful both for guitar/bas players, keybordists and vocalists (especially beatboxers would be tempted to go for the H9). Granular is just such a cool effect. Currently only Red Panda to my knowledge has a stompbox that really goes into that territory (and it’s cool – and they have just announced an update), but to have it in the H9, would be one of the points why I would still consider it a superior pedal.