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camn wrote:
NickPC wrote:
I would really like to be able to access the Performance Switch functionality via a press of the Encoder Knob on the H9. For example, using the H910/H949 Algorithm, I’d like to be able to use the ‘Repeat’ Performance Switch without having to access it via the H9 Control App, or an Auxiliary switch pedal. I’m a keyboard player so am trying to keep my already unwieldy rig to a minimum. Thanks!


You got any free midi buttons on that keyboard of yours, you could probably program the Hotswitch to it..

Thanks for the reply. Only one of my keyboards is young enough to have MIDI (!) but I’m using it already to connect other gear. I’ll try and work something out but yeah, having eg. in the H9 Settings an option to change the functionality of the Encoder knob from ‘fine tune increments’ to ‘Performance Switch’ would make things a lot easier!