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Bonsoir and thank you for answering, that’s much appreciated. Vous parlez français ?

1. i already know what you explain. now i fear i was first far too complicated to be clearly understood… i retry : my problem on the space is that the visual click, when tempo is “on”, doesn’t behave like a steady tempo. a tempo is basically regular interval clicks and i suppose the visual leds do represent the tempo you choose in bpm. but on my space, “visual led clicks” are not regular intervals, it sometimes shift and fall around the 1/8th then shift back… should i get it back to store ?

2. when i arrive in eventide direct updater (v1.7) from H9 control, 1 device is detected but called “unknown”. when i “install update” an error occur (unit is not updateable). you can see screenshots attached. is 5.2.0[6] the last version for space ?

3 yes the issue is self-reproductible H9 Control always goes down this way. i haven’t any problems with my usb gear in général on my system (midi controller, mpc, keyboards, midi converter, loopstation etc…) i naturally have tried un plugging them, verifying all usb power supply parameters in windows to give usb max ressources. i even checked with usbdeview to see if everything was ok. it seems i’ve done all i could at that point. any further advice ? troubleshooting tricks or protocol ?

Merci beaucoup