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Ed Driscoll wrote:

My H9000 arrived on Saturday, and I've been enjoying the initial rifling through of the presets and getting a sense of how these beast works. I started by hooking it up to my analog patchbay before attaching the SPDIF cables, and I wasn't able to get a few patches working in analog out, such as #1127 Guitar Synth. (But I can hear it via the digital out.) Was I doing something wrong, or is this a known issue?

It's a bit hard to say, but there aren't any problems that we know about with routing audio out analog.  One thing to keep in mind though is the XLR jacks are for analog channels 1 – 2, and the dsub connector is for channels 1 – 8.  So, the XLR jacks and the the dsub connector are sharing channels 1 – 2. So, you can only use 1 – 2 on one of those.

Are you working with Emote or on the front panel?  I'm asking myself how we can best help you with this issue.  If you're working with Emote, we could do screen sharing for example on Skype and I could double check your set-up.  

Ed Driscoll wrote:

Also, I found that when going into setup, I could make the unit do a hard crash fairly easily pressing one of the buttons to the right and left of the GUI, instead of the arrow buttons or the jog wheel.

Ok, we heard about that problem from one of our testers a few months ago, and we thought we had fixed it.  We'll have to take another look at that.

Ed Driscoll wrote:

And finally, I noticed that some of the patches, particularly the Crushstation stuff, could be REALLY LOUD on headphones. I'm glad I started without my studio monitors on. Just a heads up, for those who have H9000s on order.

Right, CrushStation and a few of the other H9 algorithms were designed with a low level guitar signal in mind.  They're adding too much gain to the incoming line level signal on the H9000.  We should be able to get this problem fixed in the next release.