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Ed Driscoll wrote:

Hi all,

Longtime listener, first-time caller.

My H9000 arrived on Saturday, and I’ve been enjoying the initial rifling through of the presets and getting a sense of how these beast works. I started by hooking it up to my analog patchbay before attaching the SPDIF cables, and I wasn’t able to get a few patches working in analog out, such as #1127 Guitar Synth. (But I can hear it via the digital out.) Was I doing something wrong, or is this a known issue?

Also, I found that when going into setup, I could make the unit do a hard crash fairly easily pressing one of the buttons to the right and left of the GUI, instead of the arrow buttons or the jog wheel. And finally, I noticed that some of the patches, particularly the Crushstation stuff, could be REALLY LOUD on headphones. I’m glad I started without my studio monitors on. Just a heads up, for those who have H9000s on order.

But overall, I’m definitely enjoying the new unit very much — particularly in digital.



Is there any top 40 vocal algorithms? Would be cool to run a dry vocal to it and out comes that modern pop processed sound.