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Question about MIDI Mapping.  I was messing around with using MIDI CCs to bypass/engage various algorithms in an FX chain.  One thing I noticed was that if I set up a mapping for the 3rd algorithm in an FX chain, the MIDI mapping stayed around even when I replaced the algorithm.

Is that intended?  I could see the usefulness of it since I can try out different algorithms while not having to continously set up the various mappings.

As an aside – someone was asking about instant patch changes.  Using a MIDI controller, you can bypass/engage algorithms and FX chains instantly.  Quick example – 

I have a chain with 3 algorithms.  I always want to always hear #2, but selectively bypass/engage 1 and 3.  So I setup a MIDI CC (Mod Wheel in this case) with a range of 0-15 for Algo #1 Bypass and set the parameter range low=0, high=1.  Then for Alg #3 Bypass I set the same MIDI CC with the same range, but set parameter range low=1, high=0.  Now by moving the mod wheel a bit I can toggle back and forth instantly between the chain #1 -> #2 and #2 -> #3.  You can certainly extend this process across all 16 possible slots and the 4 FX chains.