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OMG… i love your sounds but things seems to be complicated before (perhaps) going easy.

i exchanged my space in store (very near serial number) and the problems seem the same.

1. visual tempo is sometimes shifting one 8th (not only, sometimes it’s a more groovy fourth 16th or third 8th triplet). To be sure i even verified using a DB88 steady metronome. no doubts. i tried changing current source but it’s all the same.

2. i can’t usb connect to h9 control (i still don’t even try midi connections with these problems)

it says device not found and doesn’t recognize my space as connected.

it says “retrieved 0 eventide devices” in eventide direct updater.

i verified with a good old program (Usbdeview) and the space is well recognized there as a USB composite device (normal it was the same with the precedent one.)

i tried a Clear setup but nothing changed.

sincerely i feel a bit tired about your hard/soft/wares issues.

Is this a bad serie for frenchies ? i guess not 😉 bad joke