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Eventide Staff
O2LAMJU wrote:

1. If you are sure it can be fixed in a future firmware update, I'll keep the space with me (and I'm thinking about taking an H9). I'd like to know soon if you are sure the issue is solvable with firmware, cause after a short time I won't be able to change my space (yes visual tempo synchro is needed for my use).

If visual tempo synchronization is very important to you, I would recommend H9 in this case. The problem on Space is fixable but I can't guarantee how soon we can fix it. It might take some time because our engineers have to get their current projects done first. And unlike H9, there won't be any new algorithm for Space, so we won't update Space's firmware very often. 

H9 Max has all the algorithms of Space. If you love Space's sound, you can get them from H9 as well.