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Haha Bohan, thanks for promoting H9 🙂

i’d like to somehow know an order of magnitude for the Space firmware update concerning visual tempo (2months-6months-1year? cause “very often” is not actually factual)

I really understand you have set engineer’s priorities (commercial-aimed) to algorithm’s adding on the current goose that lays golden eggs (H9).

I feel so proud to have flushed an anomaly on this good old Space. So if you send me an H9, i would gratefully accept it 😉 but i’d like to keep Space for its direct control knobs, providing visual tempo is fixed. by the way i’m interessed by Timefactor to replace my delay, do you know (did you test) if visual click is steady on Timefactor (metronome long time test is less eye stressing than visual concentration for testing) ??? Timefactor would be second step in my pedalboard renewal.

unless you foresee to create a tiny usb device for H9 with 9-11 control knobs (with very tiny lcds for parameter’s display? multi H9stompboxes control with serial midi connection ?) i won’t replace Space with H9. i see H9 as a swiss knife, an FX protean source, but H9 needs a lot of upstream work to be useful, whereas you can get fast results with a knobs-controlled dedicated device. I would use an H9 as a substitute of Mod/Pitch factor, well… one day, i hope 🙂

thank you