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Eventide Staff
O2LAMJU wrote:

I'd like to somehow know an order of magnitude for the Space firmware update concerning visual tempo (2months-6months-1year? cause "very often" is not actually factual)

By the way, I'm interested in Timefactor to replace my delay, do you know (did you test) if the visual click is steady on Timefactor (metronome long time test is less eye stressing than visual concentration for testing)?

I'm sorry for disappointing you. It is the LED's problem which doesn't affect the sound so we don't think it is an urgent bug. I really can't guarantee when or whether it will be fixed. I said it seems a fixable issue, but if it is the hardware's problem, then it's impossible for us to fix it through a software update. I hope you can understand. We are glad you like our sound but I feel sorry that this LED problem bothers you. 

As for TimeFactor, I just tested it. It doesn't have the LED issue. I'm not sure whether you would agree with me though. You better test it in a store in person.