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Ed Driscoll
wedelich wrote:

Hi Ed, 

Looking into this CrushStation issue. For now, does turning the Output Level down on a preset suffice? Also, curious as to what your nominal input level is coming into the CrushStation alg? You can just tell me peak or a rough estimate of the average level.  Does the behaviour change with varying amounts of input level? Does CrushStation ever make your signal quieter when it’s heavily distorted (It seems like Sculpt and Pitchfuzz are doing this)? 



Hi Russ, yes turning down the output level of a preset does the trick, as does simply turning down the input signal going into my Fireface UFX+. What I was doing on Saturday when the H9000 first arrived was simply plugging a Radial J48 box into the Fireface, with a gain of about 17 to 25 and a volume near unity, if I recall correctly, and then D-Iing a Telecaster. That was all with the H9000 into the analog ins and outs.

Maybe just a warning in the manual and/or on the patch descriptions would suffice, if the goal is to keep the Crushstation pretty cranked to drive an amp?