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well i use a mpc1000 sometimes (synced perfectly with sonar daw) and before throwing back (hum) the space to my pedal shop i wanted to try syncing the space to see if it at leasdt work synced as a slave.

Only one midi cable from mpc midi out to space midi in, i’ve set up space to midi in “on”, i tried with or without midi clock filter, with or without global tempo, nothing works. What am i supposed to do ?

On mpc i disabled all other sync in/out option, then activated OUT B (to Space) as “Clock” (and not Timecode) with a 30 framerate (well i also tried with other framerate)

i also tried with Cakewalk Sonar (as master naturally), nothing works.

eventide says visual tempo is not important cause it doesn’t change the sound… well for a 520€ reverb pedal i hoped to have a full functionnal gear,

but if i can’t even sync it with my midi gear and daw how can i have a precise sound ?

i found someone had the same problem but no one from eventide even tried to answer https://www.eventideaudio.com/community/forum/stompboxes/space-and-midi-clockexternal-tap

(and please don’t tell me “buy a timefactor” to have fully functionnal “space”)

i hope again i’m missing something