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i found that you can’t use usb and midi connections at the same time for clock midi in function. so you can’t use h9 control if you want to sync with midi cable in connection (i didn’t find any option to choose if clock midi in comes from midi cable or usb)

New problem using usb connection exclusively, i can’t use Cakewalk Sonar and H9 Control at the same time. so :

1 i can use sonar and space but when i launch H9 control an error message “error connecting device” says it is “unable to open the midi in port for the eventide device ‘space pedal'”…device not found !

2 i can use H9 Control and space pedal but when i launch sonar and try to activate space pedal device in MIdi/device/  an error message named “midi device failure” and space pedal remains unactivated.

I imagine i’m missing something once again because i bet everything has been properly done to be able to use H9 Control during daw session with space pedal.

i would appreciate some help from knowers 🙂