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Eventide Staff
PaoloSMN wrote:

Dear Eventide Staff, I have already talked about some issues I have had with the spacetime algorithm (everything else is fine):


First I had 4-5 cases of freezing issues with the algorithm/preset spacetime/spacetime, the delay just kept going forever and it was impossible to control the h9 anymore…you did not reply so I just erased the preset from the machine to keep it reliable. 


Now I have experienced another problem, with the preset "nice chorus", but also with many others (probably every preset of this algorithm) if I put the tempo on (would like the chorus rate to be in time), the external tap tempo just won't work (everything is set up correctly, in fact if I switch to another preset with tempo on it works again), can you please fix this? thanks in advance.

What are the versions of H9 firmware and H9 Control app that you are using?