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hello and thanks for your reply, the freezing issue happened multiple times just playing randomly with the preset spacetime without any other particular condition, as I’ve said I have erased the preset for reliability matters but if you want I can load it back, try to reproduce it and film it.

about the other problem (and this is the more important to me) I probably did not explain it well: the tap tempo issue happens even if I try to control the delay time (or anything), it only “listens” to the first tap (and the h9 shows the actual tempo on the display) then it gets “deaf” to any other input from the aux switch until I switch to another preset…hope this is useful to solve the problem, thanks again.


bohan wrote:

PaoloSMN wrote:
Firmware is 5.4.1 and H9 control version is 3.3.0. I’ve bought and updated the h9 and installed the h9 control about a month ago.

Hi, I test it on my H9s and H9 Control on multiple devices but I couldn’t reproduce the freezing issue. Can you provide more detail about how to reproduce the problem? Does this happen when you load the F1 Spacetime preset in H9 Control? 

In SpaceTime algorithm, Tap controls delay time and reverb decay. It doesn’t control the Mod rate parameter.