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tmoravan wrote:

I have been playing around a lot with the Custom Map section and I find the use of white and yellow as indicators for start/end min/max to be problematic.  Given that the majority of your users are male and males tend to have more color blind/color weak issues, it would be nice if you had someone take alook over the use of colors in the UI.

For example, I often press the Min/Max button multiple times because the difference betwen a white dot and a bright pastel yellow dot is very hard to pick up.  My suggestion is to either use a more contrasting color like red or blue against the white or if you have to use yellow for consistency/programming reasons, make it a less bright, more saturated yellow to provide a higher contrast to the white.  In addition, I find the visual change in the graphic for min/max to be very subtle and not much help in determining which end of the range I'm working on.

In geenral I find the UI fast to get around on, but there are areas like the above that really slow me down due to the color/style choices made.

Thank you for this feedback, this is useful for us to know.  Our relatively small pool of beta testers apparently did not include anyone with colorblindness…

In the interim, we've made the Min/Max selector larger and more apparent so hopefully this helps in this case.  We'll continue to look into possible better color schemes to resolve these kinds of issues if they exist elsewhere in the UI.