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tmoravan wrote:

I finally decided to set up the networking on the H9000 to get any OS updates.

Unfortunately I can't connect to my network.  The reason?  The H9000 keypad does not have *all* the characters/symbols present on a standard computer keyboard.  So I can't type in my router password to connect.

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As a corollary, I would request that at least for now, Eventide makes the OS updates available as a file for people to download (as well as full instructions on how to update via file).  At this point, even if you address the issue, I can't download the new OS to take advantage of the fix.

I agree that we need to provide a way to enter all the characters on a standard keyboard and we'll discuss how best to do this among the team.  We plan to offer software updates via emote (which being a standard computer or mobile app has normal input methods available to it), but that isn't ready yet.

H9000 software updates can also be installed via a USB flash drive.  We haven't started publishing the USB installable packages in the Downloads section of the web site yet.  In the interim, you can download the 2 files linked below, copy them to the root of a FAT32 formatted USB drive, insert the drive into a USB port on the H9000, and power on holding both check and X keys for a couple of seconds.  (This is documented on page 74 of the manual).

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